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Our Services

Currently MECA repairs, procures, manages as well as facilitates optimal use of idle machines and equipment in various locations spread across the 6 Geo-Political Zones in Nigeria; This ensures MECA provide timely quality service across the nation.

1. End-to-end Agricultural Mechanization Services across the value chain.

2. Recovery, Refurbishment & Redeployment of Assets.

3. Management Contract Services for Machines and Equipment Assets (Maintenance, Operations, Management etc).

4. Technical Inspection and Assets Integrity Evaluations.

5. Research, Consultancy, Technology and Innovations.

6. Assets Sales and Disposal (Used, Refurbished or New).

Contact Us +234 (908) 2222 333 / +234 (908) 1111 222

Where To Find Us

MECA Head Office
Plot 2542, Hassan Usman Katsina Street, Asokoro, FCT - Abuja, Nigeria.

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