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Tracking Technology


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Tracking Technology Services

We take pride in our Technology Research and Development (TRD) arm of our business and use this avenue to create and deliver quality services to existing and prospective clients. As needs and problems evolve, so do the tools and machines that help to solve problems. We pride ourselves in our ability to create technology solution that solve and improve our service offerings and delivery.

Our technology solutions have been developed and deployed as add-on services to some of our products.

Mobile Asset Tracking System (MATS)

After taking a critical look at our products and services, it was decided that given the nature of these services, we needed a way to keep track of our mobile assets (tractors, heavy duty equipment and other mobile machines and equipment) under our management. This led to the development of the Mobile Asset Tracking System (MATS). A GPS solution created for the purpose of tracking assets on a continuous basis. We have successfully created an Eco-system and Geo-cluster of different tractors and heavy-duty machines for farmers and other users. Developed in house and delivered at a very competitive price, the system has found its niche and has proven to be very useful tool to fleet managers and asset owners. The system covers maintenance, repairs, inventory of spare parts, fleet management and tracking of all assets under management. Other services include:

• MECA Refurbishment Solution – an end-to-end repairs and maintenance record of all assets under management.

• MECA Tractor Ecosystem – links tractors to farmers anytime and anywhere to ensure easy access, availability and affordability of tractor assets and services.

The purpose of a tracking system is to determine the location or direction of a target on a near-continuous basis.

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